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Welcome to the Unofficial Actifry Homepage

We are in no way, shape or form connected to Tefal, Actifry, SEB or any other subsidery of the brands involved with the Actifry. All we are is a landing page so that users can make the most of their products.


The only intention of this webpage is to collect information together in one place to offer owners and users of the Tefal Actifry help and support with their products and also to offer them alternatives of what they can cook in it, other than the obvious chips. Image of Tefal Actifry


So what is an Actifry?

In short, an actifry is a low oil fryer, that works be blowing heated air over the food been cooked. Its that simple! When I say low fat, I mean LOW FAT. Just about everybody loves chips, well the actifry can cook a full kilo of chips (enough for a small family) with just one spoon of olive oil - Thats less oil cooking chips than on anexpensive salad from a restaurant. All the time they are cooking they are stirred and so little bit of oil it does use gets evenly spread over the food. And the taste, well lets say that over 90% of users have never looked back to deep frying.

Don't be fooled into thinking thats it though. The actifry is a very versitile cooking machine with a large amount of recipes for everything from meat, vegetables, currys and even deserts. A large list of which can be found at

Click Here To Visit The Recipe Site

We are trying to promote these Actifry web pages better so that we don't haveto rely on social media so much. As a part of this we have added a shoutbox so that our users can leave messages and questions for other users to answer. Please feel free to add any suggestions with what we can do to increase the useability of the sites, and get users to come back regularly.



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